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Internet is free for everyone, except, for restaurants owner. We are working very hard to make sure that all the tools we develop will help restaurants owner to be free forever and for that we need your support. 
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It's time to let chefs and restaurant focus on what matter

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Let’s work together to change the way restaurants use technology, thanks to us, restaurants will be able to reduce their fixed costs on digital tools and focus 100% on what matters, better food, and better service. Let’s work together to let them breathe. 

It’s time to help restaurants and offer them a free solution to manage their menu online, their reviews, their customers, their booking, and much more. 

Food is part of France heritage, let's protect it together

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In 2021, more restaurants than ever failed to survive, that is impacting France heritage like never before. Price raise, lack of staff and many other factors make it difficult for restaurants owner to survive. 

Together, we can change that, our application wants to focus on what matter FOOD and rewards the best restaurants and staff and for this we need your support to keep on going. After one year on working on the project, we are at the finish line and are ready to wrap it up and penetrate the market like never before. 

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