Claim your restaurant on Miam’s App easily

Miams application is a unique application made by restaurant’s owner for restaurant’s owner. To get full power of the application, restaurant’s owner need to claim their restaurants from the mobile application.

If you haven’t yet download the application, do that now:

Once you have downloaded the application and created your account, you are ready to claim your restaurant and get full power on your restaurant page to drag new clients through the door.

Find your restaurant

If you are sitting at your restaurant, nothing easier than to look for the first card showing up (the closest).

Otherwise, you can search for it in the search bar

Claim your venue

Once you are at your restaurant, the first thing is to add it to your favorites, then you can go ahead and click on the setting button to access your restaurant settings.

To limit access to page management, we are asking you to provide us with your company information. We will review it and reach out to you to be sure to give access to the restaurants to their rightful owner. The verification will take up to 48 hours. feel free to get in touch in case you need to.


Once we have approved your venue, you will be able to access it and manage it freely.

Next steps

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